• Apex Ship Management & Operations Services – FZCO, UAE
  • Premier Provider of Marine Food Services & Victualling Management Worldwide
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  • Apex Ship Management & Operations Services – FZCO, UAE
  • Premier Provider of Marine Food Services & Victualling Management Worldwide
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Quote Enquiry Terms

Quote Enquiry (RFQ):


1) Supply Quality: Please note that we are only looking for good quality products, which are those that can be consumed by anyone at home. We will not accept any poor-quality items.

 2) Expiry Dates: All items being quoted must have the following — Manufacturing date OR Production Date OR Packed On Date OR Best Before Date OR Expiry Date as applicable – Either of these dates must be seen for all products specially Meat & Fish.

All items being quoted must have a minimum of at least 6 months expiry valid from the date of the supply to be effected. Frozen Meat & Fish must have a minimum of 1 year's expiry valid from the date of supply. If any short expiry dates are reported, those items will be thrown overboard without payment. All canned, packed, bottle or any general products must be labelled properly with above details. If a frozen meat or fish box is to be broken for our supply, we prefer original box to be used for our supply, if possible, alternatively the lose box must be well sealed along with a photocopy of the original label from its original box must be stuck on the lose box.


3) Packaging: Please provide the proper packaging classification in columns “D to G”, as specified in RFQ. Be sure to quote for brands mentioned explicitly. If the exact package is not available, quote according to the nearest substitute packaging and brand available locally. All items must be properly sealed and labelled to indicate the country of origin. No items should be supplied in lose packaging, nor should manufacturing labels be handwritten.


4) Wherever applicable, indicate the “minimum order quantity” of the product. In absence of this instruction any claims at a later stage for an additional supply due to ‘packaging constraints’ may not be entertained.


5) Health/Quarantine Mandatory Requirements:

All meat products and dairy products should be free of Foot & Mouth infections (FMD). All such products should not be imported from the countries affected by this disease.

The Poultry products (chicken, duck, turkey etc.) should be free of Birds Flu / Avian Influenza (H5N1) infection. You should be able to produce a certification of such products, whenever required,

All products supplied on board must be free of any pests/insects. If an infestation is noticed the product will be returned immediately/disposed off from the ship if it is identified later. The same will not be paid for & any damages/fine to the vessel will be on your account.


6) Choice of Supplier by Us: We do not seek the cheapest supplier, so do not under quote just to get the order. If any complaints are received from the vessel’s crew after supply, those items in questions will not be paid for.


7) Quantity of Supply: The quantities mentioned in our quote inquiry are tentative figures and may vary in the final order placed.


8) Launch Cost: If the supply terminal/port has a mandatory requirement of launch, please provide the associated launch hire cost.

Note: All of the above points are very important. Any complaints received regarding the quality of supply will result in the refusal of such supply.

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