• Apex Ship Management & Operations Services – FZCO, UAE
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  • Apex Ship Management & Operations Services – FZCO, UAE
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Cuisines and Dietary

Cuisines and Dietary

A Skilled Onboard Cook Delivering Delicious And Nutritious Meals To The Crew Is Essential. Thus, Specialized Onboard Cooking Services For Vessels That Don’t Have A Cook Onboard Are Presented. Our Competent And Talented Cooks Will Work Closely With The Crew To Create Customized Menus That Meet Their Unique Dietary Needs And Preferences.

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Apex Marine Catering, your global leader in marine catering and victualling management.

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Western Cuisine

Our Western cuisine includes a variety of dishes that are popular in North America and Europe, such as steaks, pasta, and sandwiches.

Asian Cuisine

Our Asian cuisine includes dishes from various Asian countries, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Indian.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Our Middle Eastern cuisine includes dishes from countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar, including shawarma, hummus, and falafel

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Dietary Restrictions

To Cater To The Unique Dietary Needs Of Everyone Aboard, We Bestow A Wide Range Of Options.


Diabetic-Friendly Meals Are Low In Sugar And Carbohydrates, Ensuring That Those With Diabetes Can Enjoy Healthy, Nutritious Meals.


Vegetarian Meals Are Rich In Protein And Nutrients, Ensuring That Those Who Do Not Eat Meat Have Access To Healthy, Delicious Meals.


Halal Meals Are Prepared According To Islamic Dietary Laws, Ensuring That Those Who Follow Halal Nutritional Restrictions Can Enjoy Safe And Healthy Meals.

Low Salt

For Everyone Mindful Of Their Sodium Intake, Low-Salt Options To Choose From Are Offered. We Desire And Aim To Meet Diverse Dietary Needs By Providing Delicious And Nutritious Meals That Align With Dietary Restrictions, Including Low-Salt Options.


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