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Without question, owners and managers of merchant ships must cope with a great deal of stress day-to-day. Knowing this, we at Global Catering strive to alleviate some of the stress by offering unbeatable marine catering and victualing management services for all ships, rigs, and offshore platforms.

Our high standards are known across the industry – our locations in Canada, India, and the Philippines offer the same level of professionalism for all 24/7 on-board services, meaning we’re consistently number one anywhere in the world. So, regardless of where you are, Global Catering is ready to assist.

The Global Catering experience goes beyond the essentials of marine and offshore catering, bringing to you a fully-automated victualing management system. Besides the miracles performed in the kitchen, our professionals also submit a detailed report to your staff and offices at the end of each month, ensuring that you stay informed every step of the way. As you will discover through our efficient vessel management services, it is the quality of our work that sets us apart from the rest.

Our marine caterers, or the trained staff from within your own catering pool, know how to prepare a fine meal, so your crew is sure to enjoy delicious wholesome food every day at sea. But it’s not just about assembling a few ingredients and calling it a recipe – Global Catering’s outstanding on-board service encompasses much more than this in an innovative and unique way.

In addition to our many creative catering packages, Global Catering’s quality marine service includes optional training programs and staff sourcing for you to take advantage of, available from our locations in India and the Philippines. Since all of our training facilities are TESDA-recognized and certified, our available courses comply with maritime regulations, guaranteeing an exceptional training experience.

Whether you are interested in our baking, cookery, housing, or international cuisines programs, we have it all. From basic to advanced culinary classes, Global Catering’s expert training facilities are rich in resources. Through us, your catering staff will reach unthinkable levels. So remember, when it comes to the sea, we’ve got everything you need. Global Catering is your number one choice for marine catering, victualing management and, on-shore training services worldwide.

Marine Catering Services and Victualing Management for Ships

The video presentation below demonstrates all the details of our Marine Catering Services.

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