• Apex Ship Management & Operations Services – FZCO, UAE
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  • Apex Ship Management & Operations Services – FZCO, UAE
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Mess Audit

Mess Room

Crew Lounge Evaluation is a crucial component of marine catering, particularly aboard ships and vessels, where the mess room serves as a central space for crew members to dine, unwind, and interact socially.

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Cleanliness and Sanitation

Maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of the crew lounge is essential to prevent foodborne illnesses and uphold the health of the crew.

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Auditing aids in confirming that the crew lounge complies with both international and national regulations and guidelines concerning hygiene and sanitation.

Crew Welfare

The crew lounge provides a space for crew members to unwind and socialize. A well-arranged, cozy, and welcoming crew lounge enhances their welfare and overall job satisfaction.


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