Professional Crewing Services

Marine Catering -- Crewing Service

In the beginning, Global Catering strived to become a renowned marine catering company, providing worldwide coverage in maritime catering and housekeeping services for an array of offshore locations. Today, we are proud to say that not only have we reached this achievement, but we have far surpassed our initial goals. We’ve done this through consistency, performance, interaction, and growth – we are always looking for new ways to better serve our clients. In fact, our crewing services have evolved into a reputable multi-nationality food catering platform built on a rich database of experienced seafarers.

Choosing a Crew

The marine crews deployed on cargo ships and offshore platforms are versatile, mobile, and ready-to-go. At any given moment, we can dispatch catering professionals to you, as we have strategically located ourselves throughout the world. Our Philippines, India, and Ukraine offices are all held to a standard of excellence that has revolutionized the crewing services industry.

When you request a crew, we see to it that you get the skilled personnel you desire. Our sourcing process is rigorous for we follow a strict criteria for each and every candidate selected. Not only do we look for technical qualifications, but we also consider background, experience, and prior education. Because it is crucial for the provided staff to fit-in with a ship’s existing crew, we spend a lot of time searching for that right individual.

Once candidates have been selected, we train them to our own high-standards. Each dispatched marine caterer will be certified to the fullest. We appreciate that this is a growing demand, in light of maritime regulations such as the MLC and other STCW certifications, which is why we hold the quality of our training and sourcing to the highest degree.

Marine Catering -- Crewing Services

Unbeatable Training Programs and Facilities

Each of our offices meet the native country’s qualifications – all crews available are in compliance with each government’s respective STCW 95 regulation. As well, all professionals are guaranteed to be certified through one of our maritime training schools. Each of our institutions have received DNV Management System certification along with the approval of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Within our proven infrastructure, the marine caterers we train thrive; they are creative, innovative, and adroit. The technical abilities passed on to these individuals are unprecedented. So, not only will Global Catering satisfy the most voracious appetite, but we’ll also help you reduce crewing cost!

Although our outstanding crewing service already sets us apart from our competitors, we take the edge once again by offering great prices! Pay less for more – we never sacrifice the quality of our goods or services because of our price. Simply, we believe in an affordable, reliable service because we care about every one of our customers.

With Global Catering professionals on-board, you are equipped with a team that will truly get you to where you’re going. Along the way, we’ll develop a lasting relationship, which in itself testifies to the fact we genuinely care about our customers and the service provided to them.