Marine Catering Services for Merchant Ships

Marine Catering -- Catering for Ships

Our Strong Victualing Management Program

Global Catering’s fixed-budget victualing management service ensures that you never spend more than your financials allow. Our negotiated per-man/per-day rate remains static, meaning that the price agreed upon is the price you pay. After evaluating the trading route, on-board staff, and the desired menu’s frame-work, we will provide you with a competitive price, completely free from hidden fees and unexpected monthly costs.

Our all-encompassing marine catering service minimizes every captain’s workload. Since the catering crew assigned to your ship is diversely trained, all professionals function like chief stewards, meaning that the department is automated, independent, and reliable. For this reason, minimal supervision is required. As a result, merchant ship managers and owners can spend their time elsewhere during the day.

What Our Marine Catering Service Entails

When we promise that our staff performs at a high-level, we mean it. Our marine caterers understand every ship’s victualing needs and plan accordingly. From forecasting and compiling provisions to organizing reports and strategizing budget, our chief cooks do it all so you don’t have to.

Before launching from port, Global Catering makes sourcing arrangements and negotiates with suppliers and chandlers, so that a meal is never missed. Both on-board and from the office, our marine catering service gets things done.