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Marine Catering -- Menu Planning (2)

Out at sea, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. While most crew members partake in physical activity on a daily basis, exercise is only part of the big picture. Diet and nutrition needs to take precedence for crew members aboard merchant vessels and offshore sites in order to stay able-bodied. Sometimes, however, eating the right foods at sea is difficult – especially without variety – but with Global Catering by your side and in the kitchen, this is never a concern!

At Global Catering, we combine two very important qualities in our victualing management service – great value and health-conscious recipes. Our chefs are dedicated to their cause, which is preparing gourmet dishes, bursting with flavour, that pack-a-punch. With a careful selection of ingredients, smart preparation and storage of such, and a trained outlook for creating recipes, our marine catering professionals know how to create great tasting, visually appealing, and most importantly, health-conscious menu selections!

The art of menu selection can be difficult, and it is often a skill developed over time. Through our various training programs, however, we can assist chefs in this aspect. Global Catering professionals know the ins-and-outs of menu design. They realize that one meal must strategically follow another, in terms of ingredients and taste. Great attention to detail is also required in planning a menu, which is also why it is important for chefs to keep an eye on stock. Global Caterers do this – and much more! Let us help you plan your menu.

Review the following questions to see how “healthy” your current on-board menu is. After taking the quiz, compare your results to the bullet list below. If your menu did not fare as well as you would have hoped, worry not because Global Catering is here to help. For cost effective, creative, and wholesome offshore catering services, chose us every time.

Marine Catering -- Menu Planning (2)

Healthy Menu Questionnaire

  • Do you have a least two salad choices?
  • Does your menu feature at least one fish dish?
  • Do you serve dishes with plenty of vegetables/fruit?
  • Do you use “low saturated fat spreads” on sandwiches/bread/vegetables rather than butter?
  • Do you use lean meat in your dishes?
  • Do you limit adding salt to your dishes?
  • Do you limit adding sugar to your dishes?
  • Do you offer any whole grain bread, pasta, noodles or rice options?
  • Do you use deep-frying techniques sparingly?
  • Do you serve at least one vegetarian option in each section of your menu?
  • Do you use dairy products with a lower fat content such as lower fat cheese and semi-skimmed milk?
  • Do you use a measurement  to control your portion sizes?
  • Do you serve sauces separately?

Check Your Results! If you’ve answered yes to…

…All 13 questions: You have you’re on board staff’s health interests at heart!

…7-12 questions: Your menu is well balanced and your ship staff has the choice to eat healthy. In saying this, you could offer a bit more selection!

…6-3 questions: Your ship staff may want healthier choices.

…2 questions or below: Your menu could limit your appeal and needs to have healthier options.

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