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Marine Catering -- About Us

Tranquility and serenity are two words one could use to describe life at sea. Offshore for months at a time, the placid blue water extending as far as the eye can see – there’s an aspect of beauty, wonderment, and awe in sailing the world. But the task at hand is not simple; there are many factors to consider before embarking on a long journey at sea. When it comes to food, however, trust in Global Catering to continue to amaze. Sail the world at ease, knowing that we’ll take care of all your marine catering needs.

Since 2000, Global Catering Canada has been a reputable entity in the ship catering industry. Our team holds over 250-years combined experienced as seafarers, crewing managers, chefs, and master mariners. Starting with merely two single-nationality ships, we’ve managed to expand our clientele to over 200 ships of 7-8 nationalities working together on-board. With offices in Canada, India, and the Philippines, we continue to provide high-quality ship chandler services worldwide. Truly, Global Catering professionals are proven experts in the marine catering business, and here’s why:

What We Can Do For You
  • Global Catering’s 24/7 catering and victualing management services are available at our three office locations to various international customers
  • Fixed-cost victualing management on-board
  • Efficient catering and housekeeping services for ships, rigs, and platforms
  • Feasible quality supply of provisions, bond and cabin stores worldwide
  • Catering staff training in all aspects of culinary and housekeeping through our India and Philippines locations
  • Routine and on-demand marine catering and hygiene audits of your vessels
  • Our Catering Manager software provides accurate and detailed victualing management reports – both monthly and YTD
  • All marine caterers are experienced, trained, and educated in all aspects of the kitchen. Their ultimate culinary proficiency produces a creative, gourmet food catering service
  • Global Catering has a multinational workforce, meaning that we’ve been exposed to different cultures, problems and situations in multitudinous geographies across the world, thus learning to handle any conflict that may arise